Construction – IT Support

Construction – IT Support

Medium sized construction company – LAN Support has been providing IT Support and Managed Services for over 8 years to this client. Located in the city of London our client constructs apartments & skyscrapers for it’s clients in central London.

The nature of the business means dealing with hundreds of suppliers, contractors and service companies and it is paramount that the business has a reliable infrastructure to be able to collaborate and communicate with ease.

Accessing email, CAD files and normal Word, Excel and PDF’s from very large construction sites is paramount and access must be quick and secure 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Often challenging internet speeds and hazardous environments means that equipment can become lost, damaged or completely destroyed on a more common basis than that of a clean office environment. Therefore, data retention, solid backup policies, remote managed monitoring and patch management using the cloud are key to the successes of their IT support delivery. 

“Providing on-site support and hand-to-hand delivery of new laptops and devices the next working day this is a service; among others, we cannot be without. The ease of having a fully configured device handed to you without having to do anything other than turn it on is essential to our working day”


Providing an IT Service Desk for all employees provides many benefits to the company and it’s staff. 1st Line and 2nd Line support is immediate providing resolutions such as password resets; connection issues; printing issues and so on…

Over the years LAN Support have successfully completed many projects including full server replacements, networking, office relocation, security & Remote Backup services and in more recent times we have migrated services to Cloud solutions such as BOX (File systems), Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Servers.

LAN Support continue to provide IT Support via a help desk service and regularly attend site to complete service visits and consultancy.


Client Summary


Vertical                    Construction

Employees              80 Office based staff

Offices                     1 HQ + 4 development sites

Servers                    4

Location                  Central London

IT Department       None

Technology             Windows Server; Hosted Servers; Office 365; BOX; managed

                                  services; Cisco Meraki.


Managed Services Employed

  • 1
    Managed Helpdesk

    Providing 1st line and 2nd line IT Support from the LAN Support helpdesk team. Call escalation processes are defined and structured to quickly resolve issues, saving time and money. Providing timely assistance on any technical issue your users experience.

  • 2
    IT Manager

    The introduction of a dedicated (part time) IT Manager two half days a mouth plus additional ad-hoc on-site visits to supply and install new equipment; repair hardware issues; resolve configuration issues which cannot be resolved remotely. The IT Manager offers continuity in personal and acts as a trusted advisor.

  • 3
    Patch Management

    Installing a patch management system was completely automated and will identify missing patches that need deployment across all sites. The LAN Support system will; Scan computers periodically to identify missing patches; Identifying and downloading the missing patches from the vendors’ websites; Downloading required patches and creating tasks related to patch deployment; Downloading required patches automatically and installing them on to specific computers.

  • 4
    SPAM Filtering

    Utilizing a managed Spam Filtering solution allowed our client to protect their users and business email from Spam, Viruses and other Malware. Our Spam solution is the ideal anti spam appliance for small and medium businesses on the market today as all email is scanned prior to network intrusion and managed via the cloud.

  • 5
    Microsoft Office 365 - Business Premium

    With a securely hosted Office 365 solution our client was always in touch with the office – able to access the same documents from their smartphone, tablet, and browser. And what’s more, all future upgrades are completed automatically via the LAN Support help desk.

  • 6
    Remote Monitoring

    Wanting to avoid prolonged and unexpected downtime was essential and with our Remote Monitoring service with Predictive Failure Monitoring and early warning alerts and notifications we are able to provide a highly predictive service to our client. Identifying failing hard disks, maxed out processing and memory is just a few of the hundreds of services we monitor for a proactive support solution. 

  • 7
    Sentinel AntiVirus

    Stopping online threats with our award-winning endpoint protection services was a vital part of our overall IT Support delivery. LAN Support’s Sentinel Cloud Anti-Virus solution protects against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and more. Managed by our central help desk the team rely on LAN Support to maintain and update their Antivirus deployment.

  • 8
    Server Backup

    Triple Encryption For Maximum Protection, Private key encryption code which only you know!Client-side 256 bit AES encryption prior to data transfer. 128 bit SSL encryption for a secure end-to-end data transfer. The remote backup deployed in this instance holds a 90 day retention and stores 3TB of data.


View our Case Studies

  • “During our first consultation with you I felt confident and at ease that we were talking to the right people. As promised your team migrated us exceptionally well and quicker than expected. Our technical issues have reduced by half since moving to LAN Support. Thank you”.

    David Jones

  • Migrating from our old IT Support company to LAN Support was does done in a clam and confident way, LAN’s dedication to customer service was simple brilliant”

    John Wickens

  • I have been very impressed thoughout the whole onboarding process, from making sure that we picked the correct services to deliverying them, I would say that you have set the benchmark in customer support.

    Yannick Wilson