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Protect against zero-day threats with the best cybersecurity solution on the global market.

With increasing security concerns you must deploy all the defences you can.

Featuring supreme anti-malware protection against ransomware, Trojans and other zero-day threats, GravityZone also contains a firewall and web filtering system for Windows operating systems to guard endpoints from all angles.

GravityZone Business Security combines outstanding antimalware, malicious URL, and anti-phishing protections


New ransomware variants and other zero-day threats routinely bypass traditional AV/antimalware security.

Using advanced behavior-based technologies, Bitdefender detected 99% of unknown threats in independent trials run by reputed independent testing organization, AV-Comparatives. Bitdefender also has two additional anti-ransomware defense layers – a blacklist of 2.8 million samples and rising, and a vaccine that can immunize devices against the encryption process.

Ransomware has quickly become one of the most infectious and feared threats in business environments. Ironically, the main cost is not the ransom itself, but the business downtime it causes – so it is not surprising that only a third of businesses believe they will recover from a ransomware attack without significant losses.

To date, there are roughly 2.8 million known unique samples of ransomware and the numbers keep growing, with DIY ransomware creation tools readily available.

According to Bitdefender Labs, over 400,000 new malware/ransomware variants are created daily, and 99% are only seen once before they are modified. Traditional signature-based AV simply cannot keep up because, by the time a signature is created, the malware has already changed.

How does Bitdefender GravityZone protect you from Ransomware?

As an adaptive layered security solution, Bitdefender GravityZone provides multiple anti-ransomware capabilities, having all its layers work together for prevention, detection and remediation.


  • Machine learning anti-malware – solution is automatically trained based on 1 trillion samples from over 500 million endpoints worldwide. Regardless of how much the malware or ransomware is modified, Bitdefender can accurately detect new ransomware patterns, in both pre-execution and run-time mode.
  • Advanced anti-exploit – Ransomware writers often use “exploit kits” that take advantage of zero-day or un-patched vulnerabilities to gain a foothold in systems. By focusing on attack techniques, Bitdefender protects your systems and prevents ransomware from spreading.
  • Anti-ransomware Vaccine – additional anti-ransomware defense layer that works by exploiting flaws in the ransomware’s method of spreading, and stops it from encrypting.

Early Detection

  • Real-time process monitoring – GravityZone solution monitors running processes and stops ransomware activities in their tracks, such as registry key modification, file read / write / encryption action.

Remediation / Clean up – Solution has the ability to terminate a malicious process, roll back changes and clean up.

  • 1
    Crypto Locker

    Anti-malware protection against ransomware such as Crypto Locker

  • 2
    Stay Safe

    Choosing Bitdefender GravityZone will enable you to stay safe while conducting business in the cloud with the best performing, most trusted and easy-to-use software.

  • 3
    Data protection

    Prevent the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information.

  • 4
    Remote and local quarantine management

    The quarantine is stored locally but can be managed centrally from the control console.

  • 5
    Do I need this if i have an Anti Virus subscription already?

    New ransomware variants and other zero-day threats routinely bypass traditional Anti Virus security. You will need to purchase a subscription for Gravity Zone or a combined solution in addition to your Anti Virus subscription.

  • 6
    On the increase

    Over 400,000 new malware/ransomware variants are created daily.

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    Monthly Subscription

    Add Gravity Zone to your monthly managed services subscription for easy manageable payment and administration.

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    Terms and Conditions

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