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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

LAN Support understands the importance of your assets and the monitoring of them.

Looking after your devices and applications from the cloud provides your users with a  comprehensive and instant monitoring & intelligent alert solution. So when things go wrong we are the first to know.

Our Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) will be designed and setup to automatically create Monitoring Alert tickets to our helpdesk. Auto creation of tickets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will be reviewed and actioned as set out in your Service Level Agreement.

Operating on 100% cloud platform, you can rest easy knowing your platform provides complete visibility and control over the devices we manage.

Key Benefits

  • 1
    Cost saving

    Saving time and resources are key and RMM saves time by allowing us to monitor and manage the devices remotely. Our RMM solution is fully integrated with our Service Desk platform for increased reporting and problem solving.

  • 2
    Predictive Failure Monitoring

    Avoid expensive failures and prolonged downtime with early warning alerts and notifications. From potential software bugs to a downgraded hard disk drive in a server Predictive Failure Monitoring can save thousands.

  • 3
    Secuirty Alerting

    Reporting on threats quickly saves time, data loss and money. Our Endpoint management tools can identify virus, hackers and assist with intrusion prevention.

  • 4
    Less downtime

    Keeping your devices and employees working to there full potential with pre-emptive monitoring means less downtime for your team. 

  • 5
    Very low cost

    Based on a per device price model and billed monthly as a subscription so you only pay for what you use and added to your monthly itemised invoice.

  • 6

    Implementation is seamless and speed to value is quick; Our Endpoint Management can begin monitoring and managing thousands of devices with just a few hours of setup.


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  • “During our first consultation with you I felt confident and at ease that we were talking to the right people. As promised your team migrated us exceptionally well and quicker than expected. Our technical issues have reduced by half since moving to LAN Support. Thank you”.

    David Jones

  • Migrating from our old IT Support company to LAN Support was does done in a clam and confident way, LAN’s dedication to customer service was simple brilliant”

    John Wickens

  • I have been very impressed thoughout the whole onboarding process, from making sure that we picked the correct services to deliverying them, I would say that you have set the benchmark in customer support.

    Yannick Wilson