Patch Management

Automated Server & Workstation Patch Management is now an essential part of your IT Support provision. Our Patch Management service, reports on and automatically deploys software patches to your endpoint devices such as Servers; Routers; Firewalls; Laptops and Desktops.

Our Service Desk operates a strict patch management policy and tightly integrates Microsoft Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) to make sure that all your devices are fully secure and up to date with the latest software patches.

“Managed and deployed remotely and fully integrated into our cloud service we can deliver an extremely cost effective patch management policy for your business.”

Key Benefits

  • 1
    Completely automated

    Our patch management system is completely automated and will identify missing patches that need deployment. Our system will; Scan computers periodically to identify missing patches; Identifying and downloading the missing patches from the vendors’ websites; Downloading required patches and creating tasks related to patch deployment; Downloading required patches automatically and installing them on to specific computers.

  • 2
    Vulnerability Assessment Scan

    Our patch management service sweeps the systems for missing Windows patches in the operating systems as well as applications. It reports the level of vulnerability after the scan. These missing Windows patches are identified from the local vulnerability database, which is periodically synchronized with our online vulnerability database.

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    Deloying the patches

    We have full provision to test and approve patches prior to bulk deployment to your endpoints. Most often the patches are deployed in a test environment before they are rolled out to the entire network. This makes the deployment error free and stable.

  • 4
    Huge cost savings

    Managing and deploying patches remotely presents huge cost savings in both technical support costs and user productivity.

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    Billing & Payment

    Based on a per device price model and billed monthly as a subscription so you only pay for what you use and this service is added to your monthly itemised invoice.


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  • “During our first consultation with you I felt confident and at ease that we were talking to the right people. As promised your team migrated us exceptionally well and quicker than expected. Our technical issues have reduced by half since moving to LAN Support. Thank you”.

    David Jones

  • Migrating from our old IT Support company to LAN Support was does done in a clam and confident way, LAN’s dedication to customer service was simple brilliant”

    John Wickens

  • I have been very impressed thoughout the whole onboarding process, from making sure that we picked the correct services to deliverying them, I would say that you have set the benchmark in customer support.

    Yannick Wilson